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Rock Bottom Syndicate - Joyce Strong - Episode 13 - Lynn DelGaudio

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Rock Bottom Syndicate - Joyce Strong - Episode 13 - Lynn DelGaudio, Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker

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Rock Bottom Syndicate is about people who have a story to tell to inspire others to keep working toward their potential no matter what happens.

Rock Bottom is an opportunity to learn, pivot and adapt to whatever life throws your way.

Rock Bottom is a time where you can choose to take responsibility for everything in your life. When you take full responsibility you gain control to change things for yourself.

Your secrets are the prison of your emotions. Ask for help. Tell Your Story.

Joyce Strong, RN, BSN is a performance and functional nutrition coach from, podcaster and host of Totally Well Podcast, Rock Bottom Syndicate and Confident Women Consortium.

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My guest in this episode is Lynn DelGaudio, Integrative Health Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author of Altered on Impact: From Trauma to Transformation. How a Traumatic Brain Injury Taught Me to Lead a Purposeful Life.

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"I’m Lynn DelGaudio, and I am an Integrative Health & Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. I believe in the brilliant ability of the mind to catapult us into amazing places in our lives. I experienced this first hand after a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury in 2014. During the healing process, it became clear that my mind would need a full redesign if my body were to heal. I knew this attention to my thoughts was of paramount importance, but I had NO idea just how powerful and life altering it would be! My mind redesign became the catalyst for not only my healing, but also toward incredibly purposeful and passionate living. I now coach others so that they too may experience similar transformation. Whether you’re an entrepreneur feeling stuck, a busy professional who wants balance or a more creative and fulfilling experience, or an employer who wishes the same for your team, I have the tools to get you back on track, regain your balance and mojo, and create a more vibrant, inspired, productive, and empowered environment and life."