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Rock Bottom Syndicate - Joyce Strong - Episode 17 - Murphy Jensen

Episode Summary

Rock Bottom Syndicate - Joyce Strong - Episode 17 - Murphy Jensen, Co-Founder and EVP of WEConnect Health Management, 1993 French Open Doubles Champion, committed to bringing awareness to addiction and serving others.

Episode Notes

“Syndicate” is a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.  Our common interest at Rock Bottom Syndicate is to be of service.

Rock Bottom Syndicate is my community of friends who, after having hit rock bottom, discovered that being of service to help others has a surprising side effect.  We get better.  We make better decisions.  We learn to live strong, joyous lives.


Rock Bottom Syndicate is about people who have a story to tell to inspire others to keep working toward their potential no matter what happens.

Rock Bottom is an opportunity to learn, pivot and adapt to whatever life throws your way.

Rock Bottom is a time where you can choose to take responsibility for everything in your life because when you take responsibility you gain control to change things for yourself.

Your secrets are the prison of your emotions. Telling your story will set you free to be yourself, to heal, grow as a person and move on to enjoy the journey of a strong, joyous life.

Ask for help.  Tell your story.

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My guest in this episode 17 of Rock Bottom Syndicate is Murphy Jensen.

Reach out to Murphy at and @murphyjensen on social media platforms.

When Murphy hit rock bottom he found what he needed which was to love himself and accept himself as just Murphy, the person.

Murphy shares his story of how childhood memories of growing up in an alcoholic home left him with feelings of fear and unworthiness that led to destructive decision making and downward spiral into drug addiction.

Murphy demonstrates courage and vulnerability as he talks with me on Rock Bottom Syndicate and details how winning the 1993 French Open Doubles thrust him into the spotlight where he struggled to feel comfortable in his own skin. It was a rock bottom moment in his hotel room in Los Angeles that Murphy accepted help and adopted the mantra “I am responsible” which has been crucial to his recovery.

Murphy is the Co-Founder and EVP of Business Development at WEconnect Health Management, a Seattle based healthcare technology company that is decreasing costs for addiction recovery across the United States by reducing relapse from OUDs, SUDS, and alcoholism. 

The WEconnect app is the first of its kind in the digital healthcare space - using proprietary technology to alert clinical teams of a member’s risk for relapse before it happens. The app keeps members highly engaged by leveraging the most effective standalone treatment technique for SUDs: contingency management. 

WEconnect has launched the WEconnect recovery app and Data Dashboard.  Both are designed with the tools and solutions to recover from addiction while staying connected with a support network that provides accountability by tracking progress in real time delivering accurate outcomes data.

In addition to his role as Co-Founder of WEconnect Health, Murphy is a former professional tennis player and French Open Champion and has served as the Coach of the Washington Kastles World Team Tennis.  His team won 6 Championships in 7 years, 5 consecutive titles and had the longest winning streak in the history of professional sports with 34 straight wins after 2 undefeated seasons with Coach Jensen at the helm.  

In founding WEconnect Health, Jensen's aim is to reduce the stigma of addiction while encouraging and leading others with the disorder to receive proper care. 

Rather than being remembered as a tennis champion, Murphy is committed to bring awareness to addiction and leave behind a legacy of helping and serving others.

Learn about Murphy Jensen in this great piece that Tennis Channel produced that aired during the French Open sharing his tennis and recovery story.